Tooled leather dog collar for Boxer

Boxer dog with new tooled leather dog collar with floral design from Across Leather New Castle DE

Here’s Kahlo styling her newly tooled leather dog collar.

Here’s Kahlo styling her newly tooled double layered construction leather dog collar from Across Leather


5 thoughts on “Tooled leather dog collar for Boxer

  1. Just noticed this! We are Kahlo’s guardians and this collar, that she wears daily, looks brand new a year later! It is one of the few she does not mind wearing. Thank you so much again. Kahlo is a rescue boxer from Puerto Rico. She competes at agility and is amazing at it!


    • Hi Nina, Thom and Kahlo!
      This fabulous to hear! If you ever need a touch up or new top coat finish (with you paying shipping both ways) I’ll take care or for free for years to come. Thank you being a “Rescue Guardian” to Kahlo! I would love to share some pictures of Kahlo competing and or hanging out with his family here on my blog. I love and appreciate hearing about how my pieces are fairing in duty. Thank you very much!!


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