Custom key chain handmade leather key fob by AcrossLeather

Handmade custom tooled floral leather key chain, ring or fob finished in blue. This is a vintage pattern revived 65 yrs later onto saddle skirting

Source: Custom key chain handmade leather key fob by AcrossLeather


Across Leather for March

March 2016 a peek into my shop. Really there’s nothing to see but I am feeling 1000% better and a increase in fun / leather work will be on the rise. I had paracentesis performed 5 x’s and have not had to go back in over two weeks. My fluids are great. It has been a long 6 months and I apologize for all my late orders as I walk this house with heavy guilt.

Lawrence Carter

Is it flutterby or butterflies for leather keychains for this spring?

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Hand tooled custom butterfly

Hand tooled custom butterfly

Hand tooled custom butterfly

Hand tooled custom butterfly

Hand tooled custom butterfly

Hand tooled custom butterfly

Hand tooled custom butterfly

butterfly in primary colors with a blue background.

butterfly in primary colors with a blue background.

butterfly in primary colors with a blue background.

butterfly in primary colors with a blue background. It all started in England. Where the original name for what we now know to be a butterfly was flutterby or was it vice versa…? Some called it a spoonerism, a breakdown on the passing of the word(kinda like I caught one this big) and many have used it as a more descriptive way in saying “butterfly”. I wonder if it happened on a day like today.  My NaNa always use to say, Lawrence do you know where the most beautifullllllllll women in the World are from? I’d say no NaNa. My Mom’s Mom would say County Cork Ireland and that’s where I’m from. I would say you have to be from there because you are beautiful too!! So from my NaNa and Me Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

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Severe duty leather dog collars

Both of these dog collars are outfitted for severe duty. Geared towards the protection industry or if you’re looking for a really cool one of a kind collar, you’ve arrived.

I just thought I’d share my latests works. Prior to these pieces I’ve been on the mend. A  big shout out to Lisa Sylvester on her birthday today! Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delaware Hospice and leather

Folks, friends, clients staff at Delaware Hospice I can I say, I’ve been sick and injured before ie. a blood clot in my left ventricle a small family could have lived in, drug down the expressway by my old Harley Davidson that I refused to let go of becoming Mr 2006 Road Rash poster child of the year. That took over 1400 ft to achieve and this last bout with pneumonia followed by a little friend “The Flu” hands down can say, I hope no one ever feels how I did. O2 to help me exist you could say.  I’m still dealing with the dehydration end of it.

The folks at “Hospice in Delaware” are my Saints. Every person I speak with there is pleasant and I don’t mean paint on a happy face. I mean they care. Paid personnel and Volunteers are professional and thorough. On top of every issue expeditiously. I use to hear in general conversation oh this and that about elderly care. I stand tall and say I love this organization!  Even though the running yuk yuk is “I’m being non-compliant”. I remember saying this to my main Saint nurse, she said? If I was in the dirt I’d be compliant. Everyone’s got rules and guidelines 🙂

I’m non- compliant, I’ve never been happier in sense. I love my work, the connections made during each custom creation. Have also made fabulous friends where the creation was all me but shared the story behind it. I love the interaction.  Thank you and a BIG thank you to my Lord above.



Life is grand!

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dragonflies collars

Leather dog collars leashes belts built to order by AcrossLeather

custom tooled leather celtic designed dog collar from acrossleather in new castle de

celtic design

pastel leather dog collar

pastel leather dog collar

custom tooled leather hound collar

Ghillies newly handmade leather custom tooled dog collar

Ghillies newly handmade leather custom tooled dog collar

Irish themed collar for Beamish, leather dog collars,pet accessories,handmade,hand tooled,new castle DE,lawrence carter author

Irish themed collar for Beamish

dog collar pictured, custom tooled, handmade,thick,sturdy,unique collars new castle DE,acrossleather

Tribal themed leather dog collar. 1 1/2″ wide by 17.5 to center hole

custom hand tooled leather leash finished in British tan spirit dye

1″ wide with custom tooling spanning 40+”, hand stitched and finished in British tan.

Designer medium large leather dog collar , Red floral dog collar , Leather collars, Border Collies collars, Poodle collar, Spaniel collars custom tooled cross leather dog collar Hand tooled leather dog collars

My rendition on "Starry Nights"

My rendition on “Starry Nights”

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pit bull terrier ended up with this piece. Named? …..”Bullethad this piece done per order specs.

Hand tooled leather dog collarsvia Leather dog collars leashes belts built to order by AcrossLeather.

Lawrence Carter reporting in from  Across Leather studio. Do you love custom leather dog collars for your best friend? Do you like being part of your creation? That’s what we do here at  Across Leather.  You and I come up with a theme for any type of accessory for Men, Women, Child and Pet. You ever say, I’d love to have that on….? Your piece could tell a story, a journey through life. A event, a memory, a goal, a pattern, a color and on…. My emails drop a line and let’s have some fun today!