Tooled Leather Belts

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Pink 1/2″ wide skinny belt X 34″ or less

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1/2″ wide skinny leather belt X 43″ or less.

British Tan Skinny Tooled Leather,Leather,Belts,British Tan,Richly colored beltsPink and yellow skinny,Leather,Be3lts,Skinny belts,Yellow and Pink Belts,Pink,YellowTooled leather

tooled leather belt

Hollands Collector Buckle Set. 5/8″ tapered billets onto a 1 1/2 wide strap.

Tooled leather I carry two(2) lines of belts. The Premium style are constructed from Hermann Oak of varied thicknesses with an inner and outer strap glued and stitched together. They start off by being glued together. A pattern selected, transferred onto to strap and carved. Tooling the leather I like to think of as “the third dimension” or 3D if you like. After we’re satisfied with the results(Were is you and I)I’ll trim, bevel edges and burnish to perfection. Along with every process I guess am most critical with the edges. Edges are I think are can make or break a piece. I like mine to appear glass like or under solid acrylic. Took years to perfect.
It’s on to cleaning the leather of all oils and dirt again before choosing what color to dye, antique, stain or hand rub with saddle soap and/or finish. Edge coat with clear or colored coating.






































































































Leather belt , luxury brown thin belt , ladies skinny belt , Womens belt , medium brown belt , designer fashion

brown leather thin belt ,skinny belt,womens belt, designer belt,acrossleather35







British tan thin leather belthin leather belt, scalloped design,brown border, gold colored buckleBritish tan thin leather belt

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