Hand tooled leather straps/belts

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This hand tooled leather straps/belts measuring 1 1/2″ wide with 5/8″ billets is one of my latest creations. It’s constructed of two(2) straps of Herman Oak leather. It’s the finest leather for tooling and coloring.
The leather’s cased then carved and tooled with deep impressions with a selection of over 125 hand tools to make forever lasting designs. Crisp clean executed tooling is now available to the public after 20+ years of private sales. This particular piece will be done in a cherry finish with highlights throughout. Then highlighted and top coated finished. As well as all edges burnished and seal coated to prevent ragged edging. Thank you for viewing my hand tooled leather strap/belt, Larry.

Handmade, hand tooled leather belt@acrossleather.com

Here’s my latest creations. handmade,custom tooled leather belt with tapered billet ends. Herman Oak leather is utilized for this construction, glued and hand stitched together. Then it will be bevled,l burnished and the edges will be seal coated. Oiled and airbrushed or hand dyed to order. Possibly antiqued and top coated for years of continually beauty. Penny for your thoughts?