Delaware Hospice and leather

Folks, friends, clients staff at Delaware Hospice I can I say, I’ve been sick and injured before ie. a blood clot in my left ventricle a small family could have lived in, drug down the expressway by my old Harley Davidson that I refused to let go of becoming Mr 2006 Road Rash poster child of the year. That took over 1400 ft to achieve and this last bout with pneumonia followed by a little friend “The Flu” hands down can say, I hope no one ever feels how I did. O2 to help me exist you could say.  I’m still dealing with the dehydration end of it.

The folks at “Hospice in Delaware” are my Saints. Every person I speak with there is pleasant and I don’t mean paint on a happy face. I mean they care. Paid personnel and Volunteers are professional and thorough. On top of every issue expeditiously. I use to hear in general conversation oh this and that about elderly care. I stand tall and say I love this organization!  Even though the running yuk yuk is “I’m being non-compliant”. I remember saying this to my main Saint nurse, she said? If I was in the dirt I’d be compliant. Everyone’s got rules and guidelines 🙂

I’m non- compliant, I’ve never been happier in sense. I love my work, the connections made during each custom creation. Have also made fabulous friends where the creation was all me but shared the story behind it. I love the interaction.  Thank you and a BIG thank you to my Lord above.



Life is grand!

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