Unique Dogs and there Collars

pitbull terrier getting a new leather collar from acrossleather.com

Hi! I am Big Boi!

Roaka's come to acrossleather.com to get a new leather dog collar

Hi! I am Roaka! My Mommy rescued me!

Miko is @acrossleather.com to get a new dog collar

He watches out for the both of us. Miko’s a Akita and Shiba Inu mix


This is what I’m gonna look like if you get me flowers.

Maya’s collars been picked up and in route. While she’s being picked in San Diego.
I now introduce Big Boi a Pit Bull Terrier puppy. Miko and Roaka a rescued Mountain Cur and German Pinscher mix. Miko’s a Akita and Shiba┬áInu mix. There all here today to get their projects going. New custom tooled collars for lucky Dogs.