Delaware Hospice and leather

Folks, friends, clients staff at Delaware Hospice I can I say, I’ve been sick and injured before ie. a blood clot in my left ventricle a small family could have lived in, drug down the expressway by my old Harley Davidson that I refused to let go of becoming Mr 2006 Road Rash poster child of the year. That took over 1400 ft to achieve and this last bout with pneumonia followed by a little friend “The Flu” hands down can say, I hope no one ever feels how I did. O2 to help me exist you could say.  I’m still dealing with the dehydration end of it.

The folks at “Hospice in Delaware” are my Saints. Every person I speak with there is pleasant and I don’t mean paint on a happy face. I mean they care. Paid personnel and Volunteers are professional and thorough. On top of every issue expeditiously. I use to hear in general conversation oh this and that about elderly care. I stand tall and say I love this organization!  Even though the running yuk yuk is “I’m being non-compliant”. I remember saying this to my main Saint nurse, she said? If I was in the dirt I’d be compliant. Everyone’s got rules and guidelines 🙂

I’m non- compliant, I’ve never been happier in sense. I love my work, the connections made during each custom creation. Have also made fabulous friends where the creation was all me but shared the story behind it. I love the interaction.  Thank you and a BIG thank you to my Lord above.



Life is grand!

leather,dogs,collars,handmade,new castle de,saddle skirting leather

dragonflies collars

6 thoughts on “Delaware Hospice and leather

  1. Larry glad you have the support of those great people and I know this last bout was very tough on you. We are all delighted that the Lord above had graced you with helping you to feel better and giving you this fantastic talent. 🙂


  2. Larry it is good to know that you were, and are, very well cared for ~ because you deserve it, my friend. I agree with Seymour Montrose… and we here in PA are so very thankful that you are getting to feeling better. Many prayers are still heading your way so that you can do what you love most and share your great talent with the world 🙂


  3. Larry, I just saw this. Yes, as usual I’m behind on my e-mail notifications. It sounds as though you’ve found the best of care even if you are being “non-compliant.” Hopefully the staff there can keep you under enough control to do what you need. My prayers are with you daily!

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  4. It is good to know that they are taking care of you so well, but I’m so sorry to hear you have been so sick from the pneumonia. As you can tell, once again I am way behind going through my e-mail notifications. I am saying prayers that this is under control quickly and that you are listening to those who are caring for you, but then there is that “non-compliant” thing going on. Take care of yourself and get better, better soon!!!


    • Hello Daphne!
      My non-compliant person means I’m not being proficient to Hospices guidelines. Everyone has rules and there standard protocol is, 6 months of service to rid you of all pain and help you the best they can. Living past the 6 mo guideline would make me non compliant. YAY


  5. Okay, now the post I made yesterday is showing up. It wasn’t when I got on here to check on you, and when I posted tonight, it showed up. Maybe I did something wrong yesterday. Anyway, I’m thinking of you!


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