2 thoughts on “ADKArtsBoutique Adds New Listings

  1. Seymour here Larry. Got Mom to do just as you said. You always help her out and I appreciate it. She need all the help she can get. Trust me. I even have to remind her to feed me. I love my new collar you made. If I have to take it off for any reason I get very sad and unhappy. Thank you for crafting it for me.


    • Seymour,
      Hey Buddy! I gotta tell you Mom loves you very much! All 22 lbs of you whether you break out of Houdini proof hard core junk yard size linked chokers and tree wolves. So we thought about making you something completely safe, comfortable and super cool that you would love to wear. So when Mom takes off your new ultra cool collar know that she’s wiping it off for you to keep it looking brand spankin new pal. You don’t have to start worrying yet. It’s when she forgets to buy your food you might want to start worrying. See ya soon pal! Larry


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