5 new tooled leather projects

Masons and shiners car emblems as tooling patterns.

Mason’s and Shimer’s emblems to tooled on to phone case.


Leather pattern for wallet



Dodge ram visor repair job.

Fix me.

Dodge ram visor repair job.

Fix me!

Five (5) new projects getting ready for the “Command Center” aka. my work table. You know I often wonder if more than Patti and Delores read this?  Ooops and Rachel.  Brain fart, what can I say? #1 is a wallet for a gal on the West Coast Pati  G aka Turtlebug and she would like a turtle and a ladybug on her wallet for starters,#2 I was having a conversation with a gal who works at my local store when I come to utter my first words with this oh so stern looking gent who is obviously security personnel. Frankly with him at the door, that’s all they need! Psst I gotta tell you behind that seemingly Marine foundation he’s quite the gent! A cell phone case that is going to be to die for. All’s I’m saying is Mac, Android and Samsung Galaxy 5 owners you might want to see the phone that couldn’t be broken in the case Ronnie and I devised. #3 &4 are Chihuahua dog collars maybe for Toni and Jill I haven’t heard back from. Travis and Mike both are after arm rest/center consoles.  The Ram’s getting custom tooled leather visors for too. The Dodge Ram is a 1994 with a 12 valve Cummins  and 2014 Ford SUPER DUTY turbocharged diesel.  Personally, I love them both. I have a 1999 Dodge with the 24 valve noisiest Cummins made. Especially with 6″ smokestack coming out the back.

2 thoughts on “5 new tooled leather projects

  1. Hi Larry, Yes, I am here! You are one busy man, lots of projects going on! I think the “Turtlebug” is going to be fun. It will be very interesting to see what you design for the visors on the cars. Keep us posted! Delores


    • Delores,
      I didn’t like how the turtlebug was going and am giving it break for a second and moved to a couple of dog collars. The visors is going top be a wonderful project being I still have oil permeating from every pore. Gearhead for life. Been building hot rods all my life. Now for some vehicle enhancement with leather! Cool stuff. Stay tuned! Thanks Delores!


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