Crufts upcoming event

Globally the most prestigious pure breed dog show on Earth. I have just learned about this event but there’s more to it. A new friend is attending with her already prized Boy
To me, a East Coast blue collar type who use to be expected to be perfect! Perfect? Yes, perfect. I loved it and lived by the film. X-ray computed tomography to be precise. It’s where photons pass through the metal and basically give you a thickness all the way to creating a picture of the molecular reconfiguration of joining the parent metals and the filler rod. My fitter buddies “Brainiac Michael Matthews” “Steamfitter outta 420 Phila PA”job construction superintendent at Limerick for 20+ years during it’s construction use to say Man, I’ve seen welds but that my friend is art. I’d come back and say, and seam has a story.
The stories I have…. leads me to say, Ruari’s Guardian’s making all the decisions on his new dog necklace/collar that he’ll be adorning at the “Crufts” dog show . Oh! I didn’t mentioned it’ll have a matching lead in the same theme, “Irish”. My Nana was from the “Cork”

Top awarded Irish Setter puppy at Crufts Event in UK


By -author, Lawrence Carter

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