Who has the coolest Pirate belt?

Right now Skinny Dog Designs Jewelry is fabricating a intricate mold later of what I come to know as possibly the baddest Pirate belt buckle to be. By now a hundred(100) + hours has went into mold making through a CAD program linked to a polymer extrude machine possibly. Don’t quote me on that but it could be close.
The main buckle body will be poured from Red Bronze. Then the magic will begin to appear. Gems shall riddle this buckle including but not limited to emeralds, rubies, red garnets, pearls and diamonds. Rumors of gold leaf and silver.

Skinny Dog Design one off Pirate belt buckle

Belt buckles mold from CAD Program

The Pirate buckle will stretch to height of 4 1/2″ with a 2 3/4 inner section. Mermaids hanging over the main diameter floating in the depths. Super one of a kind creation!
I await patiently to be entrusted with the task of designing the baddest belt strap that will ultimately complement this fabulous buckle.


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