Womens tooled leather wallet by AcrossLeather


Womens tooled leather wallet

Womens tooled leather wallet by AcrossLeather on EtsyWomens tooled leather wallet done in British tans and pink throughout. Floral tooling with a coreopsis flower tooled inside. This womens wallet houses a bill slot and four interior pockets. It also contains a secret compartment and two(2) more stealthy interior pockets. It shows wonderfully and is built for a lifetime accommodating hand stitched waxed linen thread, beautifully burnished edges to a golden brown. Before colors it’s oiled and finished with a flexible top coat that no brand can match. You can take a Sharpie permanent marker to this finish and it’ll wipe off. Try that on something of yours… It’s done with the best of the best because that’s who I am.  If you’d like to see more pics click the link and maybe take a tour around my shop. Thank you everyone for checking out my latest posts.  I know I was absent but you were not forgotten about my friends! 

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