Helping friends, strangers with leather work

This would be the follow-up to yesterday’s questions that went like as follows:  Thanks for the great advice!! I’d like to get a few more of the journals made before this coming weekend. How long do you wait between using the warm water on the Leather before applying the dye? This one was made with a thicker leather than I normally use for the journals and can see the benefit of skiving it down.

As far as the edges, is shifting like this common? I can trim the edges down if necessary. I wanted to confirm if there was a technique that could help prevent it in the first place.

I go on to say, You’re welcome. After your H2) even out, I go. I’d have to say even glued, after stitching different thicknesses can shift diff amounts. So instead of playing that game. Go big on parts, stitching after striking a stitch groove with a straight edge. Stitch, cut to size, bevel, slightly dampen, color, beeswax and burnish. Bam glass like edges!

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